Micro-fulfillment is an innovative strategy for the efficient fulfillment of orders in online retail close to the end customer. Especially in growing cities with traffic congestion and massively rising space costs, fast delivery coupled with low space and personnel requirements offers great opportunities for retailers.

E-commerce has been changing the retail sector sustainably over the years. Above all, the expectations of consumers are becoming more demanding and are based, for example, on the delivery speed of the benchmark. As a result, new logistics strategies that can efficiently meet these expectations become indispensable. With micro-fulfillment centers, orders are picked on the same day and made available to customers immediately for collection or delivered directly to their homes.


Micro-fulfillment as an efficient problem solver

Micro-fulfillment is characterized by a network of small, flexible warehouses. These are placed directly in the city or on the edge of the city. Due to the high degree of automation and a high storage density, little space and few personnel are required. The proximity to the customer enables Click & Collect offers as well as a reduction in time and costs for delivery. Micro-fulfillment centers can be operated as independent storage and picking centers or dynamically integrated into existing retail stores. Applications are available for retail and wholesale as well as for industry.


E-Commere & Logistics Systems of the Future

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Micro-fulfillment in electronics retailers
Electronics retailers
Micro-fulfillment in the shopping mall
Shopping mall
Micro-fulfillment in food retail
Food retail

AutoStore – smart, dynamic, individual 

HÖRMANN Logistik offers with AutoStore an innovative system for automatic storage and picking in micro-fulfillment centers. Due to its modular design, AutoStore can be installed quickly and easily and individually expanded at any time. The ultra-high storage density and availability makes AutoStore the ideal solution for micro-fulfillment centers. Micro-fulfillment can be used in many different industries, including fashion, food, sporting goods, electronics and much more.


In fashion retail, micro-fulfillment is the ideal solution for ultra fast delivery and collection. When integrated into a retail store, the store warehouse can partially be integrated into the micro-fulfillment solution. This creates more space for the customer's shopping experience and the presentation of goods in the store. This results in a synergy from the advantage of customer proximity for online business and local customer service. Customers are also becoming less dependent on opening hours and can pick up their goods via Click & Collect.



Micro-fulfillment is the ideal solution, especially for online food retail. The customer proximity enables Click & Collect as well as very fast deliveries. Hybrid store concepts can also be implemented, in which customers choose fresh products themselves, while all other goods are automatically assembled and simply taken away when leaving the store. Micro-fulfillment thus ensures a perfect shopping experience for customers, while at the same time simplifying processes and making them highly efficient.





E-food fulfillment strategies

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Our modular micro-fulfillment offer

Depending on whether you already operate a successful webshop or are still at the beginning of your e-commerce activity: We can offer you exactly the solution that ideally meets your needs. There are 4 modules available, which can also be inserted individually and individually adapted into your existing system landscape:

  • AutoStore
  • Warehouse Management System HiLIS
  • Webshop
  • Digital operations platform 

Would you like to have your fulfillment completely handled by us? We are also happy to take over the entire operation of the fulfillment center for you. In addition, we can also provide you with the financing or leasing of your micro-fulfillment solution.



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