We support the safe handling of high-turnover cargo items such as containers, boxes or trays by providing bespoke automatic small-parts or shuttle warehouses. Applications include both classic warehouse functions and buffer stores, goods provisioning, order picking systems and more.


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Kleinteilelager bei KlattAKL Automatisches Kleinteilelager


Automatic small-parts warehouses benefit you with a highly compact warehouse, fast access to goods (fully automatic movement into and out of stock) and optimised stock turnover performance. Shuttle systems feature the following particular extras: Maximum dynamics and extremely high throughput rates, extraordinary flexibility and redundancy. The use of power caps, buffer stores and other techniques also make shuttle systems particularly energy efficient and sustainable.


Powerpick Station


Another advantage is these systems’ almost limitless scalability. Ever-shortening product life cycles, massively changing product portfolios and current market insecurities render enterprise growth planning a nearly impossible task. We are therefore providing modular solutions that keep growing with your enterprise and take little effort to expand as the need arises.




Relying on our bespoke high-performance HiLIS WMS to integrate and link your solution to higher-level ERP systems is as much part of our portfolio as the cross-industry applicability of the warehouse solution under the extreme conditions of deep-freeze and other off-standard warehouses, while meeting strictest hygiene food sector standards or providing preventive fire safety concepts.


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