Communication and regulary exchange with our employees are important to us.

We are proud to introduce our team to you, so that you also know the faces behind HÖRMANN Logistik. People from different nations and cultures work for HÖRMANN Logistik. In addition, we have many projects abroad and speak different languages. Nevertheless by "family" we all mean the same thing.

Keen to become a member of the HÖRMANN Logistik family, here you can find our current job offers.


Project Manager AutoStore®

Tim Klühspies

Tim Klühspies is an expert in automation and the warehouse logistics of the future. He joined our team in April 2019.

HÖRMANN Logistik (HL): Dear Mr. Klühspies, I'm glad we got to talk. What particularly excites you about your work?

Tim Klühspies (TK): First of all, it's the variety. Our customers come from very different industries, and it's exciting to see what kind of requirements each field has. Of course, it's always a challenge to tailor the right solution to the individual case. But we have a lot of experience. Ultimately, we make everything possible. We also have a great team that you can always rely on.

HL: What motivates you every day?

TK: There's a quote: "The price of success is dedication, hard work and ceaseless commitment to what you want to achieve." That may sound a bit pompous, but it's just true.

HL: What do you think is the most important thing at HÖRMANN Logistik? What makes us special?

TK: We offer our customers innovative intralogistics concepts and thus contribute to their growth. We always think first about what is best for the customer's well-being and how we can best relieve the burden. Everything we take care of is ultimately one less worry on the other side. To do that, we're happy to go a few extra feet than is expected.

HL: What do your customers say about us?

TK: We often get positive feedback... I think what stands out most is that we work in a very solution-oriented way with the customer in mind. Projects are handled with the utmost care, and that includes always keeping the customer's interests in focus. Ultimately, their success is always our success. Then everyone is satisfied.

HL: What would you tell a new colleague, who starts to work at HÖRMANN Logistik?

TK: First of all, this is a great working environment. I really mean it. The whole team, exciting projects that you grow with, and the varied projects and customers - all of this gives me the feeling that I enjoy what I do. And that's simply important if the result is to be right in the end.


IT management

Nicole Hahn

Nicole Hahn heads ofour IT department. She has been with HÖRMANN Logistik for 30 years now and is therefore an integral part of our team.

HÖRMANN Logistik (HL): Dear Ms. Hahn, thank you very much for your time. What particularly inspires you about your work?

Nicole Hahn (NH): It is very varied. There are constantly new challenges, because we also stand for a certain intralogistic standard. Of course, none of this happens by itself. We design software strategies at the very highest level.

HL: You've been with us for a long time. In your opinion, what makes HÖRMANN Logistik special?

NH: We have an extremely high technical level. We don't sell anything off the shelf, but exactly what the customer needs. We solve every challenge, but really every challenge. This requires a lot of passion for logistics and sometimes also the ability to suffer. In addition, we have everything from a single source: customer service from the draft to the   to after-sales service by more or less the same people- little fluctuation creates this.

HL: What words would you use to convince new customers to choose HL?

NH: 33 years of experience in the realization of sometimes very complex projects and with the most demanding customers. Add to that the latest technical standards, single point of contact throughout the project and afterwards. In addition, our employees are also authentic and highly competent in what they do. All projects have been successfully completed in 33 years of the company's history. No comments needed.

HL: How would you inspire the new employees to join HL?

NH: Where should I start? We have spoken about the varied tasks. In addition, there is a customized induction and training, a young team with a high level of social competence. "No one left alone/behind" is what they say there today. The department management is always reachable for everything. There are bonuses, pension plan, HÖRMANN Benefit, the HÖRMANN training academy. And there is no secrecy here. We are transparent and open in our dealings with each other. You can see that, for example, at the Weißwurst breakfast we have together.

HL: Thank you very much, Ms. Hahn.


Matthis König

Matthis König has been "the right hand" of the management for 6 years in the planning and monitoring of the company's figures.


HÖRMANN Logistik (HL): Dear Mr. König, thank you very much for your time. What excites you most about your work?

Matthis König (MK):First of all, I am motivated by the good development opportunities and the daily challenges in a changing environment.

HL: In your opinion, what is the main feature of HÖRMANN Logistik? What distinguishes HÖRMANN Logistik from its competitors?

MK: I think that with our team we have the right mix of young and experienced employees to convince in an agile and at the same time professional way on the market and to present our customers with the best possible results.    

HL: What arguments would you use to convince new customers for HÖRMANN Logistik?

MK: With the financially strong supporter the HÖRMANN holding company, we can offer the necessary security to every partner who decides to cooperate with us.

HL: How would you inspire new employees for HÖRMANN Logistik?

MK: We have a wonderfully open corporate culture and new employees become very quickly part of our team. Every employee can further develop his or her specific knowledge with us in depth and at the same time the flat hierarchy offers a good insight and transparency into the processes of the various functions of the company. 

HL: Thank you! all the best!

Managing Director/ Board Member

Agata Kostecka HÖRMANN Logistik Polska

Agata Kostecka heads HÖRMANN Logistik Polska Sp.z o.o in Poland and tells us how she came to HÖRMANN Logistik and what motivates her to conquer the new market.

HÖRMANN Logistik (HL): Dear Ms. Kostecka, thank you very much for your time. As we know, you have many years of experience in automation industry. How did you come to the logistics industry and now to HÖRMANN Logistik?

Agata Kostecka (AK): I have to thank you. First and foremost for the opportunity to tell you about myself. I have always been passionate about connecting with people, talking to them, understanding their needs, listening to them and helping them. That's how I understand sales, an industry I've been in for many years. As a child I sold fruit, the school newspaper of which I was editor-in-chief, and after studying German I started selling "knowledge" - teaching the German language to older people and children. Finally, at the age of 25, I decided to focus on selling IT services. I have been working in the field of industrial automation for 6 years. Together with my partner Blazej I managed to build up from scratch the company BDZ Automation, an automation partner mainly in intralogistics and automotive industry.

On their behalf, I contacted Oliver Vujcic. Discussions about the partnership lasted several months and led to the development of a common idea and a plan to open HÖRMANN Logistik Polska, which I have the privilege of establishing and developing in Poland.

HL: What excites you most about your work?

AK: A challenge, an opportunity to create a company from scratch, both in terms of sales processes and marketing plans, administration and simple accounting. I have an impact on many things, I learn a lot, but I also use my know-how and experience.

It's exciting to be able to offer customers a future-proof product, modern solutions with many years of experience and references. Even before the pandemic, the logistical challenges on the Polish market were enormous. Last year showed how important and profitable it is to sell electronically, sometimes without human involvement. I believe that at the moment there would be no better time to enter the Polish market.

HL: In your opinion, what makes HÖRMANN Logistik special and how do you see the future of HÖRMANN Logistik Polska?

AK: For me, HÖRMANN Logistik is an interesting combination of a German company with many years of experience that takes overall responsibility for the implementation of complex warehouse systems and the Norwegian Autostore solution.  I identify this combination as trustworthy, professional and future-oriented.

I am very optimistic about the future of HÖRMANN Logistik Polska. First of all, I think it is the perfect time to enter the market: Warehouse automation is an area that has been "helped" by the pandemic. Companies have become more aware of the need to invest in this area. 2020 also proved that business does not stop, even if there is no direct human involvement. The sale was, is and will be - from now on even more in automatic form. I have Pawel by my side, whom I have known for years, who will provide me with technical and sales support, I have Alona, who will introduce us to a new world with her experience with Autostore®, I have Oliver, who will help me with decisions, and BDZ Automation, who will take care of the commissioning of the warehouses to which we sold Autostore®. I'm full of hope, energy and drive.

HL: What arguments would you use to convince new customers in Poland to choose HÖRMANN Logistik?

AK: 1. we are a Polish company, we speak Polish

2. our parent company has a lot of experience and references.

3. we are not only able to sell the product, but also provide professional installation and lifecycle management.

4. HÖRMANN Logistik Polska has a convenient location in the center of Europe.

HL: in which industries do you see the potential in Poland?

AK: On the Polish market I have recently observed a rapid growth of the e-commerce industry, Polish customers are more and more willing to order purchases via the Internet, which leads to a dynamic growth of the e-commerce market and fulfillment centers. Many of these companies have not yet chosen a solution related to the automation of the packaging or shipping process. Poland is very attractive to foreign investors and many of them move their warehouses here, mainly because of its convenient location in the center of Europe and lower costs associated with employees. We are also interested in cooperation with manufacturing companies that need internal warehouses for semi-finished and finished products. Another interesting sector is "online delicatessen", because (e-grocery), because the demand for this type of service is growing rapidly, which stimulates companies to make new investments.

HL: Thank you very much and good luck!

AK: Thank you as well.

Department Manager AutoStore®

Robert Heinz

Robert Heinz has been our Autostore department manager for 6 years and in our interview he talks about his job at HÖRMANN Logistik, future projects and his enthusiasm for his work.


HÖRMANN Logistik (HL): Dear Mr. Heinz, thank you for your time and we start with out traditional first question: what excites you about your work?

Robert Heinz (RH): What excites me is the variety offered by ever-changing industries, the challenging projects, clear evaluation systems, and tangible goals within the company.

Before joining HL, I worked for many years as an independent management consultant and sales manager. Above all, I learned to act on my own responsibility, and that is what I and my entire HL Autostore® team practice.

HL: In your opinion, what is the main feature of HL that convinces customers?

RH: First and foremost, our motivated team with an unconditional drive to succeed. Thanks to short response times in customer communication and the competence of our employees, HL is a reliable partner and has been for more than 30 years.

HL: What makes the Autostore® solution so successful?

RH: AutoStore® is an innovative system for automatic storage and picking of small parts in plastic containers. Tailored precisely to the customer, it is above all time-saving, in that the employee is deployed efficiently, space-efficient, because no travel routes are required, and highly available, because attention is paid to redundancy in the system design.

And let's not forget that the system is also ecological. When containers are lowered or braked, energy is generated, which is fed to the batteries.

HL: How would you inspire new employees to join HL?

RH: We can inspire new employees through our strong team spirit. Successes are achieved together at HL and new colleagues are welcomed openly and warmly.

Sales Manager

Paweł Łusiak HÖRMANN Logistik Polska

HÖRMANN Logistik is intensifying its AutoStore® activities in Eastern Europe with the establishment of HÖRMANN Logistik Polska Sp.zoo. Paweł Łusiak Sales Menager in Poland and tells us how you came to HÖRMANN Logistik and what motivates you to conquer the new market.


HÖRMANN Logistik (HL): Pawel, thank you very much for your time. You have many years of industry experience in automation technology, how did you get into the logistics industry and now also to HL?

Paweł Łusiak (PL): Thank you for asking, I remember my childhood, when all the other children dreamed of becoming a firefighter or pilot, I knew that I wanted to become an engineer. I've always been interested in civil engineering and architecture until I found out what control engineering is all about. So I worked hard to get to a good university, graduate from it and get my first job. I have been working for a company for over 8 years where I have learned a lot. First as an engineer, then as a team leader, and finally as a project manager. My dream came true, I worked for the biggest players in the automotive industry right from the start. When I decided to change my job 2 years ago, I switched to BDZ-Automation, where I was able to gather my first experiences in sales. In BDZ I realized that not only automotive industry has a lot to offer on the market but there is also a big market of intralogistics companies. As a sales manager, I discovered AutoStore and I wanted to market it. Together with Agata, we contacted various AutoStore partners and chose HÖRMANN Logistik GmbH as a solid partner with 30 years of experience.

HL: What do you particularly like about your work?

PL: In addition to traveling, I enjoy attracting new customers and understanding their needs. Every single customer is different and has his own ideas. It is a great feeling to sit down to the challenges and to meet the high demands. In this regard we agree with the HÖRMANN Logistig. It is an honour for us to be one of HÖRMANN Logistik's first partners on the Eastern European market.

HL: In your opinion, what makes HÖRMANN Logistik so important and how do you see the future of HÖRMANN Logistik Polska?

PL: My first impression is that the Hoermann Logistics team consists of the passionate and experienced employees and a large number of projects and references speak for themselves. I am looking forward to working with a helpful and open team, as I got to know at HÖRMANN Logistik. The Polish market is a growing market with a lot of potential for intralogistics solutions. Foreign companies invest in Poland due to its strategic location, well-trained menagers and hard-working people. I am sure that we have the potential to inspire and overwhelm Polish customers for the future of automatic warehouses.

HL: What arguments would you use to attract new customers in Poland?

PL: We are a team of experienced employees and we know how to attract customers. In our daily task, we are more solution-oriented than problem-focused. We not only sell products, but with the support of HÖRMANN Logistik and BDZ-Automation we are able to support Polish customers.

HL: In which industries do you see the potential in Poland?

PL: I would put e-commerce first. The Polish e-commerce market is still quite young and in many cases not as automated as in Germany. Intralogistics reports clearly show that Poland is one of the fastest growing markets in Europe. Every year we have new companies on the market as well as existing companies looking for modern solutions for their storage systems. E-commerce is rapidly replacing traditional shopping, which is also leading to a growing new sector in Poland based on fulfillment centers. For the reasons already mentioned, Poland is also interesting for companies if they want to start their business in Europe or be more cost-effective.

HL: Thank you very much and good luck!



team assistant

Janina Fricke

Janina Fricke has been working as a team assistant at HÖRMANN Logistik for 2.5 years and reveals in our interview how she combines her job with being a mom, manages her numerous tasks and keeps everything under control.


HÖRMANN Logistik (HL): Dear Ms. Fricke, nice of you to come to our interview. What excites you most about your work at HL?

JANINA FRICKE (JF): I think it's great that HÖRMANN Logistik is not only responsive to its customers, but also to its employees and their individual needs. If you have the confidence to do something, are open-minded and contribute, then you can create your own job, that's unique!

When I started at HL 2.5 years ago, I was hired as a full-time employee in the office. I drove almost an hour sometimes longer to and from work every day. At the time, I didn't mind. A good job and living in the country were worth it! Then I got pregnant and didn't want to stop working. Long commutes or dropping off the newborn at daycare- was unthinkable for me. My superiors agreed with the proposal to work part-time in the home office. Thus, despite having a baby, it is possible for me to continue to pursue my profession and thus combine work and family well. Since I've been working at home, I've noticed how much of my life I've wasted through long commutes. HL has made it possible for me to do my work, training, and education online, and has given me time to do it. I can now spend this time raising my child and I don't have to miss out on work. I really enjoy my work and working in a home office is exactly what I like. Many people distract me. I get a lot more done now than I did then! HL has been responsive to my needs, which has resulted in a highly motivated employee! I am very grateful for that!

HL: What do you think is the main feature of HL?

JF: I can only speak for myself and that from the point of view of an office employee: HL has a well-coordinated team and the sovereign management style, that you can get involved so much, I think is great. The employees help each other out, even though they sometimes don't know each other personally. You can rely on each other. And you can see that in the results. Reliance is important to move forward and have motivated employees.

HL: What would customers say about HL?

JF: We are honest and always give our best!

HL: How would you convince new employees to work for HL?

JF: You are immediately accepted into the team and feel part of it. Your needs are taken care of, and you can make your life more livable and combine work with family! We make useful products and have well-known customers - this is confirmed by our numerous projects!

Bachelor student in the project management department

Stefan Obermüller

Stefan Obermüller is employed at HÖRMANN Logistik as a bachelor student in the project management department and reveals to us in an interview why he applied to HÖRMANN Logistik and what his future at the company looks like.


HÖRMANN Logistik (HL): Dear Stefan, it's great that you are available for an interview today. As a bachelor student, you are still quite new in the company and have to manage your study as well. What do you study and how did you come to HÖRMANN Logistik?

Stefan Obermüller (SO): In addition to my work here at HL, I study business engineering with a focus on logistic management– the connection to HÖRMANN Logistik, which implements innovative logistics solutions, is therefore easy to understand. While looking for an internship, I came across the company and I have also decided to write my bachelor thesis here.

HL: Why did you apply to HL?

SO: The job advertisement for the internship was very interesting and sounded extremely promising, as the position offered the opportunity to get a broad insight into the company. That has also come true. As an intern in controlling, I had many interfaces to other departments and colleagues – like the monthly project progress checks with the  project managers or the introduction of a new ERP system within the company.

HL: What does your future at HL look like?

I am now working on my bachelor's thesis in the implementation department of HL. After graduation, I should have many options, both in HL and on the open job market.

HL: Would you recommend HL as part of an internship, working student activity or thesis? And why?

SO: Definitely! I have met many experienced employees here, who is willing to share their knowledge to the younger staff. This creates space for innovative ideas that are also implemented through an open corporate culture. The gained experiences have also a great influence on my professional and personal development.

Junior Management Program HÖRMANN Group

Fabian Selder

Fabian Selder is employed by the HÖRMANN Group in the 18-month Junior Management Program. As part of this program, he worked for HÖRMANN Logistik for 6 months.

HÖRMANN Logistik (HL): What is your job at the HÖRMANN Group?

Fabian Selder (FS): I am employed by HÖRMANN in the Junior Management Program. Within the 18-month program, I get to know three companies as well as the group's holding company. The insight into these areas takes place through the assumption of strategically important tasks, which I am responsible for.

It is great fun for me to get to know the entire HÖRMANN Group within the Junior Management Program, to take on exciting tasks, to work with many colleagues from different areas and to contribute my skills to the projects in a variety of ways.

HL: What did you study and how did you come to HÖRMANN Logistik?

FS: I completed my master's degree in Management & Technology at the Technical University of Munich. After several years of professional experience, I started the Junior Management Program at the HÖRMANN Group at the beginning of 2021.

HÖRMANN Logistik was the first company I was introduced in the Junior Management Program. There, I had the task to carry out a market analysis of a new subject called micro-fulfillment and to develop a marketing strategy for it.

HL: How long did your project take?

FS: As part of the project, I worked for HÖRMANN Logistik for 6 months. In the meantime, I have already completed my second project at HÖRMANN Services and am currently working on a project at the Group's holding company. Finally, in my last project, I have the opportunity to get to know the automotive sector and our production site in Gustavsburg.

HL: Would you recommend HÖRMANN Logistik as an employer? And why?

FS: Absolutely! I was very well welcomed into the team by my colleagues from the first day, which was not easy due to the corona pandemic situation and the fact that most employees work from home. In addition, the interaction with each other is very open and everyone supports and helps each other, which I like very much.