With decades of experience in the corrugated board industry, we have specialized in special handling and gentle storage of corrugated board. Supporting the competitive edge of our customers, we design and implement the next generation of conveying and storage technology. From the corrugator to the automatic format goods warehouse, further on to processing, packaging lines with palletizing to the finished goods warehouse.

Your benefit: The comprehensive one-stop solution for your corrugated intralogistics.

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Our services:

  1. Paper roll infeed to corrugator

  2. Conveyor connection to work in process buffer

  3. Day buffer converting

  4. Conveyor system for non-palletized finished goods

  5. Palletizer

  6. Empty pallet storage with infeed to palletizer

  7. Deck board/deck pallet feeder, strapper, stretcher

  8. High bay warehouse for finished goods

  9. Empty pallet inspection

  10. Shipping preparation

  11. Truck loading

1. Paper roll infeed to corrugator

   Trough conveyor   

  • Feeding of the paper rolls to the unwinders of the corrugator
  • Gentle, damage-free transport
  • Floor level-installation and traversable

2. Conveyor connection to work in process buffer

    Modular belt conveyors, cross-distribution carts, turntables

  • Transport of stacked sheet goods from the corrugator
  • Modular belt conveyor for palletless, safe and damage-free transport
  • Accumulation of multiple single stacks to transport units
  • Transfer carts for collecting transport units
  • Possibility to rotate the transport units

3. Format Goods Storage - corrugator storage vertical

  • Large storage volume on a small footprint
  • Flexible compartment allocation with different formats
  • Palletless storage in racks
  • Optimal use of building height
  • 500 thousand to approx. 5 million m³ storage volume



Format goods storage - corrugator storage horizontal

  • Large space requirements
  • Parallel arrangement of several modular belt conveyors
  • Feeding with transfer carts
  • Easily expandable with existing space
  • Single or multi-level

4. Day buffer converting

    Modular belt conveyors, transfer carts

  • Parallel arrangement of multiple modular belt conveyors
  • Feeding with transfer cart
  • Transfer cart for feeding the converting machines
  • Possibility to rotate the stacks
  • Separation of the transport units into individual stacks

5. Conveying of unpalletized finished goods

    Conveying of stacked finished goods from the converting machines with

  • Modular belt conveyors
  • Transfer cart
  • Overhead monorail system  for high-capacity lines

6. Palletizer                                                                                          

    Central single or multiple palletizer

  • Palletizing of stacks with finished goods
  • Parallel palletizing of two separate stacks, each with multiple pallets
  • Palletizing of oversized stacks with multiple pallets
  • Cover sheet feeding for bottom edge protection

7. Empty pallet storage with feeding to palletizer                     

    Empty pallet storage lines with line gantry for empty pallet feeding

  • Supply of empty pallets on the floor or on conveyors
  • Line gantry for feeding empty pallets
  • Gripper for picking up to two empty pallets at the same time

8. Deck board/deck pallet applicator, strapper, stretcher.        

    Integration of different technologies

  • Cover board/cover pallet applicator with line gantry
  • Integration of strappers from different manufacturers
  • Integration of stretchers from different manufacturers

9. High bay warehouse for finished goods                                                   

    Silo construction, multi-deep storage with telescopic forks

    or channel cart

  • Fully automated high-bay warehouse
  • Multiple deep pallet storage
  • Stacker cranes for simultaneous transport of multiple load units
  • Flexible storage of finished goods of various sizes
  • Load units with up to nine sub-pallets
  • Gentle and damage-free load unit storage
  • Overall height up to 45 meters
  • Capacities from approx. 7,000 to 70,000 load units
  • Clad rack  construction incl. roof and wall cladding
  • Connection by means of conveyor system or electric forklift trucks
  • High storage capacity on a small footprint
  • Stacker cranes with energy recovery

10. Empty pallet inspection                                                                     

      Testing of different types of pallets for trouble-free storage.

  • Board present
  • Blocks present
  • Tension/compression test
  • Nail roller
  • Pallet cleaning
  • Sorting according to qualities

11. Shipping preparation                                                          

      Precise load unit presentation                               

  • Fully automatic truck tour presentation  on conveyor dispatch lines
  • Sequencing according to unloading points
  • No waiting times for truck drivers
  • Large displays for loading information
  • Camera-based load control

12. Truck loading                                                                       

      Rear and side loading

  • Loading with electric high-lift truck or forklift truck
  • Passable pick up places on the conveyor system
  • Longitudinal and transversal pallet removal
  • Floor level load unit staging
  • Possibility to pick up several load units with one loading stroke