AutoStore® is a modern and innovative system for automatic storage and picking of small parts in plastic bins, developed by Jacob Hatteland Computer AS from Norway. The system originated from the idea of optimal volume utilization, dynamics, energy efficiency, scalability, input and connection of picking stations compared to conventional automated small parts warehouses or shuttle systems.

The compact design of this system, without aisles and shelves, reduces the footprint by 75 % compared to conventional systems. The Autostore bins are stacked on the floor one above the other. High-speed robots move on a rail system (grid) mounted above the stacks. They continuously pick up bins, rearrange them and deliver them to the directly connected ports for incoming goods and picking. AutoStore® is a modular system wherein the number of robots and workstations determine the throughput capacity.

Hörmann Logistik, official distributor, offers AutoStore® along with the tailor-made warehouse management system HiLIS AS as a general contractor. AutoStore® can be installed either as a stand-alone solution or integrated into an overall logistics concept.

The Hörmann Logistics Team is available for customer service and maintenance around the clock 365 days a year.

Densely packed with best availability

AutoStore® achieves ultimate space efficiency with the best storage density ratio of all automated storage systems. Since the grid can accommodate almost any room geometry, it allows for optimal use of existing buildings. An availability rate of 98.5% makes AutoStore® the most efficient storage system in the world.

Red Line and Black Line

As an extremely versatile and reliable system, the multiple award-winning AutoStore® Red Line meets the throughput and efficiency requirements of most customers.

The AutoStore® Black Line serves for extremely high throughput requirements in a small space and offers innovative extra performance with additional features such as the replaceable battery.

The combination of both lines enables an optimal system design.

AutoStore® – how it works

  1. Bins

  2. Grid

  3. Robots

  4. Ports

  5. Controller

  6. Warehouse Management System HiLIS AS



The maximum weight of the stable and stackable bins, which are available in two or three different heights, totals 35 kg. An antistatic ESD version is also available.


The self-supporting aluminium structure fixes the bin stacks and guides the robots on rails. Its modularity allows arrangement in any shape. The new double-double grid with double tracks in X and Y direction allows the robots to easily criss-cross and overtake.


Wheel pairs arranged in X- and Y-direction allow the AutoStore® robots to move in two directions to any position within the grid for retrieving, forwarding and parking of the bins.


Red Line Robot R5

With their energy-efficient motors and a recovery system, the robots are permanently in use. When the battery is running low or there are no jobs to do, the robots move to their charging stations located on the edge of the grid.


Black Line Robot B1

With its new design, the Black Line robot creates space for robot groups that are working at high capacity. It transports standard or higher bins directly in its housing. The B1 robots no longer need a stationary charging system. Thanks to the patented BattPack technology, the robot can pick up a new, fully charged battery at the BattPack stations around the grid at any time.

R5 (SDG) R5 (DDG) B1
length: 2 cells lenght: 2 cells cell block: 1 1/2 cells
bin type:
220 mm
330 m
bin type:
220 mm
330 m
bin type:
220 mm
330 mm
acceleration: 0.8 m/s2 acceleration: 0.8 m/s2 acceleration: 0.8 m/s2
speed: 3.1 m/s speed: 3.1 m/s speed: 4 m/s
stroke rate: 2.5 m/s stroke rate: 2.5 m/s stroke rate: 2.5 m/s
SPL: 71 dB SPL: 71 dB SPL: 66 dB
battery: AGM 2x12 V battery: AGM 2x12 V battery: Battpack


Ports (consignment modules)

The AutoStore® grid allows for installation of ports on all sides. The robots supply the ports continuously. The ports serve for efficient picking and filling of the bins - with different movement and design features in terms of accessibility, efficiency and cost benefits.

The picking performance is between 160 and 650 items per hour, depending on the port type.

CaruselPort – three-arm high-speed port

The CarouselPort, in cooperation with the robots, ensures that bins are always available at this point. It operates with three rotating arms, each holding one bin tray. Usually, two of the arms are positioned behind the Port where Robots can place or retrieve two Bins simultaneously. The third arm then is in the front position where the operator can access the goods inside the Bin.
Max bin throughput: Mezzanine level 500 Bins/h; Floor level 400 Bins/h

ConveyorPort – easy workstation

The ConveyorPort uses a conveyor belt to move the bins to the operator. While one bin is presented to the operator, the robot holds the second bin in place above the port.
Max bin throughput: Mezzanine level 240 Bins/h; Floor level 180 Bins/h

SwingPort – vertical connection

The SwingPort uses a rotating arm to move the bins to the operator. While one bin is presented to the operator, the second bin is in waiting position.
Max bin throughput: 16
0 Bins/h with 8m bin lift at a handling time of 15 seconds

RelayPort – fast bin availability

This modular workstation consists of a picking module and buffer modules, the so-called tabs. Each picking station can have from 3 to 6 tabs. The robots are able to reach the selected positions from any direction. With the buffering system, the robots will retrieve a bin back to the grid whenever another bin is released.
Max bin throughput: 650 Bins/h



This module is AutoStore®’s command center, traffic control and database management.


Warehouse Management System HiLIS AS

The AutoStore® controller autonomously executes the transport orders for all robots, but does not know the contents of the bins. Hörmann Logistik has developed the superordinate warehouse management system HiLIS AS for this purpose. It meets the requirements of AutoStore® and is directly connected to the customer's HOST system.

HiLIS AS provides the goods receipt and picking information at the ports, maps all operator functionalities and enables operator interventions

AutoStore® – Maximum performance in a minimum of space

We configure your AutoStore® based on a simulation according to your individual requirements. Your bill of quantities, article / order structure and performance requirements will determine the size, the number of robots and the number of picking modules.

AutoStore® is suitable both for requirements with low cycle times and large storage capacity as well as for highly dynamic requirements with several thousand storage and retrieval cycles per hour.

AutoStore Red-Line Roboter.
AutoStore Black-Line by HÖRMANN Logistik.

AutoStore® - die innovative Kleinteilelager-Lösung

AutoStore® Kleinteilelager für Theegarten-Pactec in Dresden

AutoStore® Kleinteilelager für Sommer cable in Straubenhardt

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As a general contractor, Hörmann Logistik designs and implements individual intralogistics systems for warehouse, production and distribution logistics.

Trade and other

For companies in the e-commerce business, we have AutoStore, a highly available, highly dynamic and energy-efficient system that can be easily adapted to your premises. Thanks to its simple scalability, AutoStore can be adapted to changing requirements in terms of capacity and performance practically during operation.


Mit Fachwissen, Kreativität und Engagement finden wir für unsere Kunden aus der Papierindustrie individuelle und passgenaue Lösungen.

Papier und Wellpappe

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Lebensmittel und Getränke

Hörmann Logistik konzipiert und realisiert als Generalunternehmer individuelle Intralogistik-Systeme für Lager-, Produktions- und Distributionslogistik.

Handel & Diverses

Für Unternehmen im E-Commerce Business haben wir mit AutoStore ein hochverfügbares, hochdynamisches und ernegieeffizientes System, dass sich einfach an ihre Räumlichkeiten anpasst. Durch die einfache Skalierbarkeit lässt sich AutoStore praktisch im laufenden Betrieb an sich evtl. verändernde Anforderungen hinsichtlich Kapazität und Performance anpassen.