With decades of experience in the corrugates industry and logistics, we are specialists in the delicate storage and handling of corrugated board products.

We design and implement state-of-the-art conveying and storage systems for corrugated products.

HÖRMANN Intralogistics offers all-in one-stop shop solutions, from corrugator to automatic format goods storage, processing and palletizing to the finished goods warehouse.

Format goods warehouse - WIP storage vertical and horizontal

The features of vertical and horizontal WIP Storages at a glance:



Large storage volume on a small footprint

Large space required

Flexible occupancy of large compartments with different formats

Parallel arrangement of several modular belt conveyors

Shelf storage without bottom pallet

Loading with transverse shuttles

Optimum use of building height

Easily expandable on available space 

500.000 up to approx.
5 million m² storage volume

Single or multilevel

Hochregallager für Fertigware

High-bay warehouse for finished goods

In a fully automatic silo high-bay warehouse with roof and wall cladding, telescopic forks or channel vehicles store finished palletized goods at several depths.

Storage and retrieval machines ensure the simultaneous transport of several pallets in the warehouse. Our innovative high-bay warehouses allow flexible and gentle storage of finished goods of all sizes with zero damage on up to twelve sub-pallets.

Depending on individual requirements, we design and deliver high-bay warehouses with an overall height of up to 45 meters with pallet capacities of about 7,000 to 70,000 units on a very small footprint. High-quality conveyor technology or modern electric overhead/floor conveyors link the warehouse to the production and shipping zones.


Hochregallager für FertigwareHochregallager für palettierte Fertigware