HiLIS, the Warehouse Management System (WMS) designed by HÖRMANN Intralogistics. HiLIS is the core of the control system for automatic and manual intralogistics processes by HÖRMANN Intralogistics. We act as a full-service provider for our customers' tailor-made intralogistics solutions. HiLIS is a high performance software suite that maps all vital processes in your intralogistics. As the prime memory of your warehouse, HiLIS manages, controls and optimizes your material and data flows.

HiLIS visualizes flows of material and data in a clearly structured manner on the user interface of your choice - from a classic PC workstation to a mobile app. Our warehouse management system plans, controls and monitors even the most complex customer-specific logistics processes. Our modular design allows customized adaptation to your specific needs, giving you maximum flexibility and investment security.

HiLIS – Warehouse Management System | HÖRMANN Logistik

What are the advantages of our warehouse management system HiLIS?

HiLIS stands for high performing and flexible warehouse management. It centrally maps all sections of your intralogistics, from goods inbound to goods outbound, in an optimally coordinated overall system without media and interface discontinuities. These subsections comprise, in essence:

  • Control and monitoring of goods inbound and outbound processes
  • Central warehouse, inventory and order management
  • Replenishment control
  • Control and monitoring of order management
  • Consignment
  • Consolidation
  • Packing and shipping
  • Control of truck loading
  • Inventory
  • Optimized material flow control
  • Interface integration of the PLC plant control system 
  • Flexible connection to any ERP and production systems

In addition to automatic control in combination with the possibility of manual intervention, one of the most important aspects is that the responsible operators have an optimal overview of the processes. The development of the user interface reflects our decades of expertise as a full-service provider of complete solutions for warehouse management systems. Intuitive and ergonomic operation and visualization on appealing user interfaces are the basic requirements for smooth and fully transparent processes.

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Optimized processes in close-up

Our warehouse management software HiLIS unites all processes. A closer look at subsectors of intralogistics reveals numerous other advantages. Excelling in the overall process starts on a small scale. This is how we achieve systematic and comprehensive optimization down to the smallest detail. The following sections highlight this in more detail.

Goods Inbound - Incorporation into the System

HiLIS processes goods inbound based on so-called advices of the ERP system in order to record delivered stocks in the program. In the meantime, employees can create loading units for storage.

Our WMS distributes the arrival to different storage areas based on flexible rule sets. The automated or manual storage processes follow sophisticated storage strategies that increase the volume utilization rate of the warehouse and significantly reduce the retrieval and picking cycle times.

Prior to storage in our automated storage systems, the system automatically identifies and measures the load units and labels them accordingly, whenever required. This process includes plausibility checks that detect obvious errors in the course of goods inbound at an early stage and enable an appropriate response. Pre-storage measurement allows for maximum space-optimized use of all storage areas. Since the space aspect is one of the most important cost factors, it is worthwhile to make every millimeter usable like playing Tetris.

Management and inventory control of your warehouse

Our Warehouse Management System stands for individual and customized adaptation. The management of manual warehouse systems is just as flexible as the management of fully automated warehouse and material flow processes, such as with AutoStore®.

A special feature of HiLIS is that the flexible interfaces enable the integration of devices (mobile data collection, printers, wearables, forklift terminals, pick-by-voice, etc.) from a wide range of manufacturers. In terms of sustainability, this also works with devices that are already in use at the customer's site.

The HiLIS warehouse management offers comprehensive management functions based on elementary inventory attributes, such as batches, best before dates and serial numbers. It is multi-client capable and can map the respective QA status. HiLIS supports any inventory reservation system, including among others FIFO, LIFO and FEFO. The system archives all logistical transactions in the warehouse. In terms of end-to-end traceability, this allows documentation over several years, if required.

Replenishment management works with automatically monitored target marks for minimum stocks in all storage areas. If the stock level falls below a parameterizable target level, the system automatically issues replenishment orders according to the corresponding rules.

Order processing and consignment

The retrieval or picking order initiates the removal of the goods from the warehouse. Our warehouse management system HiLIS receives orders from the ERP system, a web store or a production control system (MES) and initiates the corresponding transaction. Order management has the option of flexible handling according to order types, priorities, predefined staging and loading times, as well as organizational processing areas in the warehouse. In addition, it is possible to split orders into smaller parts in order to divide them among several employees.

The order picking system allows for a wide variety of organizational and technical configurations - also in combination - to fit your individual requirements. For example:

  • man-to-goods
  • goods-to-man (route optimized)
  • pick-by-robot
  • pick-by-voice
  • pick to/by light
  • batch and wave picking
  • multi-order picking
  • multi-level picking
  • negative picking

Both stationary and mobile terminals visualize the process flows. HiLIS accumulates the items picked from different storage areas for one order in dedicated consolidation zones. This process represents one of the key tasks in the warehouse management system: the precisely timed dispatch of picking and retrieval orders to various storage areas, so that all order components arrive at the consolidation zone at the same time, ideally without long waiting times. The HiLIS Warehouse Management System solves this task in a perfect way by means of intelligent algorithms and additional parameters, which the customer can adjust on his own according to his specific needs.

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Packing and shipping

Proven process flows with intuitive HiLIS user interfaces support the workflows in the packaging area and in the compilation of packages. Stationary and mobile terminals visualize the process flows: The warehouse management system functionally covers all typical sequences of the packaging process from booking into shipping boxes or onto bulk load carriers to the printing of packing lists, delivery bills and shipping labels to customer-specific packaging specifications along with value-added services.

Control of truck loading

One of the central modules of HiLIS is the dispatch management. It serves for the management of entire truck tours or the compilation of individual customer orders in order to subsequently initiate and control the loading of trucks.

At this point, sequenced retrieval from automated high-bay warehouses or provision in manually operated loading zones represents another key process: Trucks must be loaded according to a predefined sequence of drop-off points. The HiLIS Warehouse Management System supports the loading process with pallet accuracy. With the SSCC scan of load carriers and the display on large screens in the loading zones, employees have access to a wide range of control and support functions for error-free and speedy truck clearance.

At this point, the goods leave the intralogistics system. The WMS logs and archives all transactions from the customer-specific reservation of goods to the final truck loading in order to make each individual customer order traceable.

Stocktaking in the Warehouse Management

Stocktaking is an important part of intralogistics management. The HiLIS warehouse management system allows permanent inventory management. The system immediately reports stock deviations that come to the attention of employees to the higher-level ERP system, thus enabling maximum transparency. In addition, HiLIS supports the execution of periodic stocktaking procedures (e.g. by article and key date). The recorded results are available for visualization, recording and further processing including submission to the ERP system.

Optimized material flow control

The HiLIS material flow control guarantees efficient and synchronized processing of transport orders. Whether in the form of a forklift control system, the integration of an AGV system or for fully automatic control of the material flows in automatic high-bay or small parts warehouses with connected conveyor technology: HiLIS stands for highly dynamic and flexible control of your material flows.

HÖRMANN Intralogistics connects its PLC controls for automated warehouse systems to your material flow control system via an interface standard established in many customer systems. According to our slogan: everything from a single source.

Visualization and User Interfaces for the Warehouse Management

Ease of use for the operator is a high priority in our warehouse management system. To support maximum efficiency and easy training of new employees, all interfaces feature plain operator GUIs. The HiLIS software implements the requirements for clarity, ergonomics and intuitive operation in an optimal manner. Central mapping and access to all functional areas enable both very fast diagnosis and the appropriate response to malfunctions. The user interfaces are available for both stationary and mobile devices.

Maximum efficiency

The interaction of all logistics sub-processes opens up enormous potential for the optimization of your entire intralogistics. The possibility of directly connecting the WMS to external systems, such as web stores on the one hand or transport management systems (TMS) on the other hand, promotes the further digitization, automation and integration of your intralogistics. Our HiLIS Warehouse Management System saves space and time and with it, costs. Especially in combination with automated storage, conveying and picking technology, HiLIS provides enormous performance increases for your intralogistics. Our solutions for your individual requirements are tailor-made and from a single source. HiLIS makes your processes more efficient, clearer, easier to plan and more flexible. You can react faster and better to deviations and make life easier for your employees

Your full service provider with HiLIS - HÖRMANN Intralogistics

HÖRMANN Intralogistics  is a general contractor for all areas of intralogistics. Our comprehensive expertise and decades of experience find their way into the development of the HiLIS Warehouse Management System. In addition, our expertise also leaves its mark on the planning of the optimal solution for you. We have kept everything in mind and offer you a sophisticated WMS solution to plan, control, and monitor your intralogistics. Our systems prove their efficiency repeatedly in countless customer projects of various sizes. The modular, flexible structure and the release-capable software architecture allow HiLIS to grow at any time with the development of your company and to adapt quickly to changing business processes. In other words: A modern, flexible and investment-safe solution for you and your company.

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