Automation solutions for highly dynamic business segments require flexible adaptations to on-site intralogistics processes and infrastructures. Our cooperation partner CAJA Robotics assists us in turning this innovative approach into reality based on up-to-date software, robots specially engineered for goods-to-person deliveries, and user-friendly workstations.


Caja Robotics Lager


Innovative software

  • Cloud-based
  • Neural algorithms with ongoing real-time optimisation
  • Easy WMS integration e.g. into HiLiS

Collaborating robots

  • Provisioning by cart robot
  • Arranging of goods across a very wide height range by demand-driven robot lift


Caja Robotics Roboter


Ergonomic workstations

  • Put-to-light system for packaging stations
  • Organised replenishment
  • Bin consolidation
  • Asynchronous Put stations for goods receipt processes

CAJA’s Robotic System integrates into almost any warehouse layout. Its customisable modular design easily adapts to the building and scales up or down as needed. Continuous learning and optimising enables the system to respond in real time to existing and future orders forecast by the ERP system.