AutoStore® has been designed by Jacob Hatteland Computer AS from Norway to provide a state-of-the-art and innovative system for the automatic storing and picking of small parts in and from plastic bins. The system is based on the idea to optimise the usage of available volumes, the dynamics, energy efficiency, expandability, material usage and integration of order picking stations compared to conventional automated small-parts warehouses (concepts as an automated storage and retrieval system or AS/RS) or shuttle systems.

AutoStore® System Benefits

As a compact warehouse solution without any aisles and racks, AutoStore® reduces the surface area needs by 75 %. Bins are stacked and simply placed on the floor. The robots move along a grid of rails installed above the bin stacks.

In incessant and untiring operation, they pick up bins, re-sort them and take them immediately to the goods inbound and order picking port interfaces. AutoStore® is an entirely modular system, whose throughput is determined by the number of robots and workstations.

Hörmann Intralogistics is an official distributor of the AutoStore® system. Backed up by our accurately tailored WMS HiLIS AS, we act as the prime supplying contractor. AutoStore® is installed either as a standalone solution, or integrates in a general logistics concept.

"HÖRMANN Intralogistics team is on stand-by 24/7 all year long in case you are in need of any aftersales or maintenance services."

Ultra-dense Storage and Unrivalled Availability

Its impressive space-to-density ratio allows AutoStore® to make ultimately efficient use of the available space. Since the system supports almost any shape of grid, it lets you make perfect use of your existing buildings. Multiple autonomous robots plus their integrated ports turn AutoStore® into a reliable warehousing system marked by top-level availability.

Red Line und Black Line

AutoStore® Red Line has won several awards because of its extremely high availability and reliability, enable the system to meet any throughput and efficiency requirement where space is precious.

AutoStore® Black Line has been designed for special and dedicated applications. Its added functionality such as a replaceable battery brings to you an innovative performance extra.

See how both lines combine to optimise your in-house system design.

Red Line Roboter sind mehrfach prämiert

AutoStore® in Your Warehouse - Functionality in a Nutshell:

  1. Bins
  2. Grid
  3. Roboter
  4. Ports ((order picking modules) )
  5. Controller
  6. Warehouse-Management-System HiLIS AS  

AutoStore®-System mit verschiedenen Komponenten


The stable and stackable bins are available in three different heights. They can carry a maximum weight of 35 kg. Also ask for the antistatic ESD version.


The self-supporting aluminium framework holds the container stacks and guides the robots along the rails. Owing to its modular design, the grid can be arranged in any shape.


The AutoStore® robots feature two pairs of wheels placed at an angle to allow the robots travel in two directions. This way, they can move to any point in the grid to pick, transport and place bins.

Red Line robots

Their energy-efficient drives and a recuperation system enable the robots to operate tirelessly. When the battery is low or if there is nothing to do, they move to their chargers located at the edge of the grid.

Black Line robots

Black Line robots transport the bins inside the robot enclosure. They require no fixed station for charging. Instead, their patented BattPack technology enables them to pick up a new and fully charged battery at the BattPack stations at any time.

Red Line (SDG)

Red Line (DDG)

Black Line  

Length: 2 cells

Length: 2 cells

Block of cells:


1.5 cells


Bin type:

 220 mm

 330 mm

Bin type:

 220 mm

 330 mm

Bin type:

 220 mm

 330 mm

 425 mm  

Acceleration: 0.8 m/s2

Acceleration: 0.8 m/s2

Acceleration: 1.4 m/s2  

Velocity: 3.1 m/s

Velocity: 3.1 m/s

Velocity: 4 m/s  

Lifting speed: 2.5 m/s

Lifting speed: 2.5 m/s

Lifting speed: 2.5 m/s  

Noise: 71 dB

Noise: 71 dB

Noise level: 66 dB  

Battery: AGM 2 x 12 V

Battery: AGM 2 x 12 V

Battery: BattPack    

Ports (order picking modules)

The ports can be installed at any side of the AutoStore® system to enable uninterrupted goods placement by the robots. They are used for efficient order picking and for filling the bins.

Their picking performance is between 160 and 650 items per hour, depending on the type.

CarouselPort - port with three arms

The CarouselPort features three revolving arms, each of which has its own bin receptacle. One bin receptacle is accessible by the human operator, the other two are accessed by the robots, resulting in uninterrupted goods inward movements.

Maximum bin throughput: 500 bins/h at an intermediate level, 400 bins/h at floor level

Dreiarmiger CarouselPort

ConveyorPort - easy-to-use workstation

The ConveyorPort features a conveyor belt that transports the bins to the operator. While one bin is presented to the operator, the robot keeps the next bin ready above the port.

Maximum bin throughput: 240 bins/h at an intermediate level, 180 bins/h at floor level

ConveyPort unkompliziert zu bedienen

SwingPort - vertical connection

The SwingPort features a revolving arm that transports the bins to the operator. While one bin is presented to the operator, the next bin is standing by.

Maximum bin throughput: 163 bins/h with a 9 m BinLift

SwingPort mit vertikaler Verbindung

RelayPort - fastest bin availability

This modular workstation consists of the Touch picking module and the buffer modules called tabs. Every picking station can accommodate 3 to 6 tabs. The robots can move to the chosen position from any direction.

Maximum bin throughput: 650 bins/h

Modularer RelayPort


This module is the AutoStore® command centre and provides traffic control and database management functions.

AutoStore® Controller

Warehouse Management System HiLIS AS

The AutoStore® controller runs independently to complete all transport jobs of the robots but is unaware of what is in the bins. This is why HÖRMANN Intralogistics developed its higher-level warehouse management system HiLIS AS. It is designed to meet the requirements of the AutoStore® system and links directly to the customers’ host systems.

HiLIS AS provides the ports with the goods inbound and picking details, displays all operator functions and allows operators to take action.

How much does a new AutoStore® System cost?

Owing to the many benefits coming with the increase in picking and intralogistics control efficiency, you will find that your AutoStore® investment pays back within a short period of time. HÖRMANN Intralogistics tailored solution is here to help you relieve your employees and enhance your efficiency.

AutoStore® Roboter


Red Line Roboter


AutoStore® R5+ Roboter

HÖRMANN and AutoStore® - Top Performance with a Tiny Footprint

Based on a simulation of your specific needs, AutoStore® is tailored and configured to meet your requirements. Your structure of quantities, articles and orders as well as your performance requirements define the size of the system as well as the number of robots and picking modules.

AutoStore® suits both low throughput requirements at large slot capacities and highly dynamic situations involving several thousand in-bound and out-bound movements per hour.

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