If goods have to be stored densely in a small area, we recommend a customized high-bay warehouse system with fully automated storage and retrieval from goods receipt to dispatch. It is suitable for pallets, boxes, rolls, stacks, trays or cardboard boxes in different formats and with different weights.

High-bay warehouses for very large throughput and a wide variety of articles can be built for single-deep or double-deep storage.

Our channel storage systems with multi-deep storage and the highest degree of automation are a particularly space-saving and efficient solution for warehouses with larger stocks per article.

The special telescopic fork technology allows pallet storage up to a depth of 4. The channel storage technology allows an even deeper storage. For optimum volume utilisation, modern channel vehicles can deliver each pallet measured before storage to the designated channel position accurate to the millimetre.

We achieve the highest flexibility in terms of performance and storage of different format sizes using a special technology. This enables load units with up to nine shuttle pallets or individual pallets, pairs, threes and fours to be stored or retrieved with one single SRM cycle.

Rack systems

  • Clad rack systems
  • Built-in rack constructions
  • Single-position systems
  • Multi-position systems

Storage method

  • Single-deep
  • Multi-deep


  • Pallets
  • Stacks without pallet
  • Special customer load carriers

Storage and retrieval machines

  • One mast construction
  • Two mast construction
  • Four mast construction
  • Telescopic fork technology
  • Shuttle technology
  • Shuffle cart

Technical features

  • Travel control
  • Energy recovery
  • Indirect converter for immediate reuse of released energy
  • Compartment fine positioning with laser or camera system
  • Self-learning fine positioning
  • Variable acceleration depending on device load
  • Algorithmic path optimization



  • Roof and wall cladding
  • Smoke and heat exhausting
  • Fire alarm system
  • Sprinklering system
  • Oxyreduct system
  • Fire protection gates
  • Lockages
  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Airconditioning