Order picking with artificial intelligence

With the robobrain® solution, HÖRMANN logistics partner robominds has

created a modular platform for process intelligence that operates based

on real artificial intelligence. State-of-the-art hardware components and

smart software modules form a unique system that enables tailor-made

pick-by-robot picking, for example in addition to an AutoStore® system.


Cobot Arm 1
Cobot Arm
Cobot Arm 2
Cobot Arm


Hardware centrepiece is the flexible cobot arm. With mechanical force,

speed, simple programming, ergonomic design and integrated sensor,

the cobot takes over all picking handles. Different gripping tools (parallel

pick) or a vacuum picker guarantee a wide range of applications.

Visual capture takes over the robobrain eye: The award-winning solution

robobrain.vision enables the cobot with the industrialized 3D camera for

hand-eye coordination without prior training – the Smart Picking System

of the future.

    robobrain eye

    Advantages of Robo-Pick with Artificial Intelligence

    • 24/7 operation
    • Low operating costs
    • High productivity
    • Error-free picking
    • Uncomplicated commissioning and integration into existing picking stations