Same Day Fulfillment close to the customer - customized systems for E-Commerce

HÖRMANN Logistik offers with AutoStore® an innovative system for automatic storage and picking in micro-fulfillment centers. Thanks to its modular design, AutoStore® can be installed quickly and easily and expanded individually at any time. The ultra-high storage density and availability make AutoStore® the ideal solution for micro fulfillment centers. Micro-fulfillment can be used in many different industries, including fashion, food, sporting goods, electronics and more.

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The next level of warehouse automation - more efficient order picking with artificial intelligence

Due to the strong growth of e-commerce and ever increasing just-in-time requirements, companies are facing new challenges in intralogistics. While material flow and production logistics have been increasingly automated over the past few years, manual "reaching into the box" still predominates in order picking. Together with its partner robominds, HÖRMANN Logistik offers an ingenious, productive, and AI-supported pick-by-robot solution for optimizing picking stations with high throughput, a large variety of articles and 24/7 operation.

New construction of an automated small parts warehouse and an automated pallet warehouse for KraussMaffei Technologies in Parsdorf, Germany.

KraussMaffei Techologies, the world's leading manufacturer of machines and systems for plastics and rubber processing, is currently building a new plant in Parsdorf near Munich and is planning to restructure its entire intralogistics in this context.

HÖRMANN Logistik intensifies its AutoStore® activities in Eastern Europe with the foundation of HÖRMANN Logistik Polska Sp. z o.o.

Since the beginning of 2020, HÖRMANN Logistik also has the distribution rights for Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe in addition to Germany. To be able to work more intensively on the CEE markets in addition to the numerous new projects in Austria, HÖRMANN Logistik Polska Sp. z o.o. was founded.

AutoStore® System with Warehouse Management System HiLIS AS for Gessmann

For the storage and order picking of small parts, HÖRMANN Logistik is setting up an AutoStore® system with a customized warehouse management system HiLIS AS in an existing warehouse at the Leingarten site.

New automated high-bay warehouse built in Durtal, France

HÖRMANN Logistik designs and supplies an automated high-bay warehouse for the packaging manufacturer DS Smith. With innovative strength and commitment, the British company is pursuing its goal of reducing international deforestation through paper recycling.

Around 30,000 employees work for DS Smith in 30 countries. A new two-aisle high-bay warehouse for corrugated sheetboards is built  at the French site in Durtal on the Loire River. The project is planned and implemented by Hörmann Logistik. The start of operations is scheduled by the beginning of 2022.

Refrigerated cheese specialties in the new AutoStore® system with multi-order picking and connecting conveyor technology at Heiderbeck

For the storage of cheese specialties, HÖRMANN Logistik delivers an AutoStore® system with the customized warehouse management system HiLIS AS and multi-order picking stations in an existing refrigerated warehouse.

Highly dynamic AutoStore® warehouse for the geomix Soccer online store in Liezen (Austria)

The online store of Geomix GmbH, official partner of the Austrian Soccer Association and the Austrian Soccer League, offers clothing and shoes for soccer, leisure, running and training.  In addition, you can find original jerseys of the most important international Soccer clubs in their extensive fan store.  In Liezen, Styria, an AutoStore® system will soon be installed in an existing warehouse to optimize e-commerce processes. Hörmann Logistik planned the special requirements for dynamics and pick rate in detail and will realize the project.

Webinar "The way to the automated warehouse". The step into efficient intralogistics -easy done!

How intralogistics can help to achieve my company the competitive advantages?

This entrepreneurial goal can be achieved with the step into automated intralogistics. We highlight typical tasks of the "change" process from manual to automatic in a practical manner, as well as the technical solutions used in the process. From warehouse systems, such as AutoStore®, to the Warehouse Management System HiLIS.

Speaker: Peter Gierlich


Webinar "Next Level Warehouse Automation with Artificial Intelligence" Increase Competitiveness with Artificial Intelligence Picking Robots

HÖRMANN Logistik implements numerous projects with the efficient AutoStore small parts warehouse system. Together with robominds GmbH, the pioneer for artificial intelligence from Munich, they have now developed the next level in warehouse automation. They combine advanced robotics technology with the dynamic, flexible, high-performance storage system AutoStore. In the webinar, the brains behind this concept will show how the HL-Robo-Pick can be used to automate picking processes more efficiently and beeing a step head of the competition.

Speakers: Oliver Vujcic and Christian Fenk


HÖRMANN equips the new eurotrade logistics hall at Munich Airport with an automatic miniload warehouse

Mittelstand Digital Summit from April 27th-28th, 2021

High-bay warehouse for 25,000 Euro pallets with conveyor technology for Biohort

Biohort GmbH from Neufelden (Austria) is the European market leader in metal storage solutions. The product portfolio includes high-quality tool sheds, practical outdoor storage boxes and useful items for the garden, such as raised beds. Biohort products are manufactured 100% in Austria by around 400 employees. For years Biohort has been growing continuously in the double-digit percentage range. To sustain this growth, a new main plant including production and logistics is built. In order to keep the built-up area as small and efficient as possible, a fully automated high-bay warehouse (HRL) was also chosen. Planning and realization of the 4-aisle high-bay warehouse for the storage of finished goods, semi-finished products, raw materials and consumables was carried out by HÖRMANN Logistik. The same applies to the connected pallet conveyor system for production and order picking. The new plant is to become the most modern thin sheet processing plant in Austria.

First combined project of automatic high-bay warehouse and AutoStore System® for the new logistics center at iDM Energiesysteme GmbH in Matrei

For the further expansion at the headquarters in Matrei, East Tyrol, the consulting company IbH Schepper was in charge of  planning the new logistics center. In this logistics concept, an innovative AutoStore® small parts warehouse will be built in the first construction stage. In the second stage the new pallet high-bay warehouse, the connecting conveyor system and the central orderpicking workstations, served from both warehouses, are to follow. The contract for the realization of the overall solution including the WMS system HiLIS for both automatic and manual warehouses was awarded to HÖRMANN Logistik.

Automated high-bay warehouse with tailor-made material handling technology for Mayr-Melnhof Holz in Leoben

At the Leoben site, the headquarter of the corporate group, a modern, cutting-edge intralogistics solution with an automated, 3-aisle high-bay warehouse with conveyor systems, packaging and shipping zones will be deployed. HÖRMANN Logistik developed a sophisticsted concept based on the specifications of the planning specialist Xvise. On this basis, HÖRMANN Logistik was awarded general contractor for delivery of this custom intralogistics solution.

Welcome to the live webinar on 22.03.2021 at 11:00 a.m. with the topic "The way to the automated warehouse - the step into efficient intralogistics-easy done!".

We highlight typical tasks from this "change" process from manual to automatic and the technical solutions used in the process. From the storage system, such as AutoStore®, to the warehouse management system HiLIS.


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