At HÖRMANN Intralogistics, we cooperate with various partners from the different fields of intralogistics, business and IT. We focus on projects that have the potential to solve the challenges of the future. In this way, innovative ideas and smart developments quickly find their way into practice.

Actindo und HÖRMANN Logistik Partnership

Extension of warehouse management options via the Actindo Core1 platform

Since 2007, Actindo has quickly gained reputation as a Bavarian cloud ERP pioneer and is one of the leading providers in the field of Digital Operations Platform. HÖRMANN Intralogistics cooperates with Actindo with its tailor-made Warehouse Management System HiLIS to be able to offer customers even more efficient and centrally controlled processes via the Actindo Core1 platform.

AutoStore Logo

HÖRMANN Intralogistics and AutoStore® - Maximum performance in smallest space

AutoStore® is an innovative automated storage system for the storing and order picking of small parts in plastic bins. It was developed by Jacob Hatteland Computer AS in Norway. The system has its origin in the drive to optimize space utilization, dynamics, mechanical hardware requirements and the integration of workstations compared to mainstream automated miniload warehouses served by stacker cranes or shuttles.

As an official AutoStore distributor and global contractor, HÖRMANN Intralogistics also supplies the tailor-made HiLIS AS WMS, completing a turnkey solution, which can also lay out manual storage areas and additional processes. AutoStore may be applied as a standalone storage system, as well as a storage module in a global intralogistics concept. Support and maintenance is provided by the HÖRMANN Intralogistics service team, serving you 24/7, 365 days a year.

CajaRobotics Logo

Partnership with Caja Robotics

The partnership is focusing on the close cooperation in offering and implementing warehouse solutions mainly in the German, Austrian and Swiss markets. With access to the innovative and smart warehouse technology by Caja Robotics, HÖRMANN Intralogistics is now able to extend their solutions portfolio to customers.

Caja Robotics’ solutions are designed to meet the special needs of most efficient and scalable warehousing operations. One of the key benefits is that the Caja Robotics solution is very flexible and scalable while maintaining high throughput. It can be implemented easily and adapts itself to the warehouse layout and equipment. The solution is therefore ideal for brownfield and dynamic warehouse environments.


robominds logo

The robots, equipped with artificial intelligence, are the future of logistics. With over 35 years of intralogistics know-how and the modular HiLIS Warehouse Management System, HÖRMANN Intralogistics has established a partnership with robominds, which has been successfully dealing with AI for years, to offer this next level of warehouse automation of the highest quality. Both Munich-based companies have developed together a sophisticated, AI-supported pick-by-robot solution that makes picking stations significantly more efficient. This makes intralogistics technologies future-oriented, smarter, and more flexible.

Chief Sales Officer

Christian Fenk

HÖRMANN Intralogistics implements numerous projects with the efficient AutoStore® small parts storage system. Together with robominds GmbH, the pioneer for artificial intelligence from Munich, they have now developed the next level in warehouse automation. They combine advanced robot technology with the dynamic, flexible, high-performance Storage System AutoStore®.

HÖRMANN Intralogistics (HI): What were the reasons for your cooperation with HI?

Christian Fenk (CF): Hörmann is a well-known player in the market. Nevertheless, the regional proximity allows us to arrange meetings quickly and easily in order to work together on solutions and new developments. Logistics is one of the growth markets for automation. The cooperation enables both companies to play a key role in this market – on the one hand in the field of automated small parts warehouses and on the other hand in AI for intelligent robotics. We have always got to know HÖRMANN Intralogistics as an enthusiastic and dynamic company. The motivation for the product AutoStore® jumped over to us at the first moment! This creates ideal conditions for a successful cooperation.

HI: What does robominds expect from this cooperation? 

CF:  A coherent system from a single source. Together, we can offer customers a cost-efficient overall solution. The fully integrated system of smart robotics and auto® is perfectly tailored to a wide variety of customer requirements. Even complex topics such as interfaces to WMS and Autostore® are not only solved and tested, but above all scalable and retrofittable. In addition, customer tests with demo applications can be carried out on site and thus optimal, customer-specific solutions can be developed.

HI: What are the strengths of robominds? 

CF: Versatile, flexible and smart. The AI-supported vision system,, independently recognizes and picks a wide variety of components - without time- and cost-intensive, prior training. Thanks to our intuitive and easy-to-use overall concept, our team of experts enables the customer to react freely  and flexibly to all changes independently and cost-effectively. Based on the AI-supported industrial PC robobrain® applications can be modularly extended by existing or customer-specific AI skill. The robobrain® controls the individual components such as robots, grippers and vision systems and makes it possible for a wide variety of components to function together.


HI: Where do you see advantages for customers?

CH: HÖRMANN Intralogistcs and robominds function as a well-rehearsed team in the project. This creates valuable synergy effects on otherwise critical topics such as interfaces, feasibility studies and plant design. Together with HÖRMANN Intralogistics, we are thus able to place complete solutions on the market. We can pass on the resulting advantages to our customers one-to-one. Furthermore, we enable the customer to benefit from new technologies. In addition to collaborative robotics and the latest gripper and camera technology, this also includes our patented AI skills. Our common goal is to simplify highly efficient but highly complex technologies and thus enable the customer to enter automated logistics.





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Innovative Intralogistics Solutions together with SAFELOG 

The constantly growing number of items as well as ever higher requirements for fast and efficient order picking pose new challenges for classic warehouse logistics. For the space-saving, highly dynamic storage and retrieval of small parts, HÖRMANN Intralogistics offers customized applications with its AutoStore® solutions. Together with SAFELOG, the range is now being expanded with innovative products and high-performance, future-oriented material flow ideas. In a first cooperation, the pick zone of an AutoStore® warehouse was connected to the packaging line by an AGV shuttle operation at a joint customer.


safelog Partner Bild

Steffen Dieterich | Managing Director HÖRMANN

Logistik GmbH and Michael Wolter | Owner of


Partnership with StrongPoint for customized grocery micro-fulfillment solutions

HÖRMANN Intralogistics has signed an agreement with StrongPoint ASA, a leading food retail company, to offer food retailers AutoStore® micro-fulfillment solutions in the combined DACH, Scandinavia and Baltic regions.

This will provide StrongPoint's food retail customers in the Nordic and Baltic countries with additional implementation support from HÖRMANN Intralogistics. StrongPoint supports HÖRMANN Intralogistics with food retail expertise for customized micro-fulfillment implementations in the DACH region.

HÖRMANN Intralogistics has been an AutoStore® distributor since 2013 and has implemented more than 35 AutoStore® solutions in Germany and Austria. StrongPoint became a distributor of AutoStore® micro-fulfillment solutions in Scandinavia and the Baltics in 2021, with a focus on food retail.