Hörmann Logistik is part of a strong group - the HÖRMANN Group. Since its foundation in 1955, the family-owned HÖRMANN group of companies has grown considerably. Under the umbrella of the HÖRMANN holding company, 27 subsidiaries operate with a high degree of entrepreneurial initiative and independence in the business segments Automotive, Communication, Engineering and Services.

The goal of the Group is to furnish its customers with economical, innovative and sustainable solutions and services that offer them clear advantages and clear benefits. For this purpose, the Group with some 3,000 highly qualified employees uses the entire broadly diversified and networked knowledge of all its different technology areas.

The range of diversified, highly efficient technologies and services diversified across a broad spectrum frees the Group from economic influences thus minimizing the risk for both the subsidiaries and their employees.

This way of thinking and acting creates freedom to develop perfect customer solutions with visions, motivation and passion. A concept impressively confirmed in the success and continuous growth of the HÖRMANN Group.


Motto of Hans Hörmann: Identify potential, shape growth and act on the basis of a clear strategy
"Identify potential, shape growth and act on the basis of a clear strategy."

Motto of Hans Hörmann, company founder