Soenen Golfkarton NV is a state-of-the-art family business that produces corrugated board on two corrugators and converts it at the same plant into packaging that can be printed with up to seven colors to high quality standards. At the company's headquarters in Hooglede (Belgium), continuous growth necessitated a realignment of internal logistics. Based on its extensive corrugated board experience, HÖRMANN Logistik, as general contractor, developed a convincing, highly flexible logistics concept.


In the new 6-aisle high-bay warehouse, corrugated board formats, finished corrugated board packaging and empty pallets are stored. One of the main challenges of the high-bay warehouse concept is the very heterogeneous pallet types and sizes (1,200 x 800 to 1,800 x 2,350 mm (L x W), heights up to 2,200 mm) that have to be transported and stored. The resulting requirements for mechanical components, IT and control technology are extremely complex, but have already been implemented several times by HÖRMANN Logistik in this industry. The production connection is made via two conveyor lines on which the pallets are centered, checked for contours and read via the RFID tag. The identified pallets pass through a sorting area. Large-format pallets are fed through, while smaller formats, which account for around 90% of total production, are grouped into pairs. This pairing almost doubles the storage and retrieval capacity. The sorted pallets are transported by an electric overhead conveyor (EHB) towards the high-bay warehouse, where they are delivered to one of the six storage aisles. Each EHB aisle can hold a pair of pallets. Each of the six aisles of the high-bay warehouse is equipped with a highly dynamic storage and retrieval machine (SRM) with telescopic forks, which can transport up to two pairs (= four pallets) simultaneously. The stacker crane moves the pallets to the position in the high-bay warehouse designated by HiLIS, which is controlled with pinpoint accuracy using camera-based compartment fine positioning. To optimize energy consumption
To optimize energy consumption, all SRMs are equipped with the HiLIS Eco-Power Management System, which saves up to 25% of energy consumption through intelligent energy balancing.

Each SRM has two telescopic forks for quadruple-deep pallet storage in the rack and is equipped with two travel drives to achieve high dynamics. This ensures high acceleration in both directions of travel.


Soenen Paletten Übergabe RBG


Pallet identification and tracking with RFID technology

For shipping, the pallets are requested by HiLIS, retrieved in pairs as far as possible and delivered to one of the eight shipping lane groups via the EHB. Each shipping lane group has four conveyor lanes on which almost a complete truck load can be provided. A steel plate conveyor that can be driven on allows the loader to pick up the pallets lengthwise or crosswise. The display of the shipping lane group shows the important information for the loader. The entire pallet identification and tracking in the logistics process is carried out using state-of-the-art RFID technology. The RFID tag is already applied fully automatically to the delivered empty pallets. In production, the pallet and the associated production order are "married" by HiLIS. From here, the pallet is tracked via RFID until it is loaded into the truck. Each truck gate is equipped with an RFID gate at which each correctly loaded pallet is recognized and acknowledged as loaded.


  •     6-aisle high-bay warehouse:212 x 71 x 37 m (L x W x H)
  •     Storage capacity: 59,000 pallets
  •     Storage / retrieval capacity: 240 / 300 pallets per hour
  •     6 stacker cranes
  •     Electric overhead conveyor
  •     RFID technology
  •     HiLIS WMS
  •     Storage and transport of different pallet types and sizes without sub-pallet
  •     Traceable data management
  •     Sequence-accurate dispatch provision