Electronics Industry

2013 - Rowenta Werke GmbH, Erbach

Retrofit des automatischen Hochregallagers für hochwertige Bügeleisen.
  • Modernisierung des 3-gassigen automatischen Hochregallagers sowie der vorgelagerten Fördertechnik.
  • Austausch von Lagerverwaltungsrechner, RBG-Steuerungs- und Antriebstechnik sowie großer Teile der Sensorik 

OSRAM, Berlin

2007 - Modernization of automatic high-bay warehouse

Hörmann intra Logistics System

  • Drive system replacement for curved S/R machines
  • Installation of new control system for conveyors and S/R machines during ongoing operations
  • New barcode positioning system for carriage and lifting unit

OSRAM Berlin

2002 - Modernization of overhead monorail suspension system

Exchange of 18 overhead monorail systems, delivery of gear control. Installation and commissioning during ongoing operations.

OSRAM Molsheim

2001 – Packing plant

Conveyor systems, control systems and material flow computers for disposal from the lamp production lines, connection to distribution centre, conveyor supply and disposal of packing lines. Interfacing to SAP/R3, WMS,
and more than 30 other plant areas.

Rowenta Werke

1999 - Modernization of conveyor system

Exchange of control system for existing conveyor system to DAKO for host link-up.

OSRAM Augsburg

1999 - Modernization of glass warehouse

Exchange of control systems for S/R machines, conveyors, overhead monorail and warehouse management system, partly under difficult conditions during ongoing operations.

OSRAM Molsheim

1998 - Re-design of distribution centre, F-Molsheim

OSRAM's new concept for Europe requires re-organization of the distribution centre with a remarkable increase in capacity and performance

  • Hörmann intra Logistics System:

  • 5-aisle high-bay warehouse for double-deep storage of 15,900 pallets 

  • Picking in 4 picking tunnels straight from the rack storing positions

  • S/R machine supported automatic supply

  • Special safeguarding between picking spots and S/R machine

  • Bufferless S/R machines

  • Picking capacity: 11,000 items per day

Flender Himmelwerk

1997 - Voucherless picking system (BKS)

Warehouse management system of container picking system, including "pick-by-light" system control.

Flender Himmelwerk

1997 - Manual pallet warehouse

Warehouse management of manual pallet warehouse with picking.

Flender Himmelwerk

1997 - Automatic pallet warehouse

Warehouse administration and control of 10-aisle automatic warehouse including picking area (goods-to-man).

OSRAM GmbH, Augsburg

1995 - Central packing area including automatic small-parts warehouse

Automatic small-parts warehouse including S/R machines, connection to flow patch racks and drawer picking. Double-deep containers, conveyor system for picking, packing and dispatch.

Flender Himmelwerk

1995 - Assembly and logistics control system  (MLS)

Assembly control system controlling course of orders through assembly, check, paint shop, packing and dispatch.

Flender Himmelwerk

1995 - Automatic small parts warehouse

New 3-aisle tray warehouse (pull technology) and approx. 9,000 spots including synchronous container junction. Trays are designed for reception of 4 up to 16 differently sized containers. Control and administration through MLS.

EBV Elektronik

1995 - Re-design of dispatch warehouse

Warehouse re-design including picking concept for migration to bigger location.

OSRAM Molsheim

1994 - Extension of distribution center

Re-design including warehouse and picking systems, connection to production site, general development plan for new area. 
From system design to tendering phase.

OSRAM Augsburg

1993 - Extension of distribution center

Delivery of 2 satellite S/R machines and conveyor system including control system. Exchange of conveyor control at level 1 during ongoing operations.

OSRAM Augsburg

1988 - S/R machine control system

Design, development and delivery of control system for five S/R machines and data collector interfacing to the warehouse management computer.