Automotive Industry

2015 - Volkswagen AG OTC 1, Kassel

Neubau 9-gassiges Hochregallager mit Kommissionierzone für den weltweiten Versand von Ersatzteilen. Neubau Hochregallager mit einfachtiefer, doppeltiefer und gemischter Lagerung von Gitterboxen.

  • 9-gassiges Hochregallager in Silobauweise mit 1-/2-fach tiefer Lagerung
  • Maße HRL 89 x 50 x 35 m (L x B x H) ▪ 40.000 Palettenstellplätze für Gitterboxen
  • Ein- und Auslagerleistung 400 Pal/Std
  • 9 St. 1-Mast Regalbediengeräte mit je 2 Teleskopgabeln
  • Kommissionierbereich mit 8 Kommissionierplätzen
  • Höchste Anforderungen an Dynamik und sequenzierter Warenbereitstellung an den Kommplätzen
  • Komplette Fördertechnik für sicheren Transport mit Kettenförderern ausgeführt
  • Über 600 Fördertechnikantriebe
  • GU Projekt inkl. RBG, FT, Hebehilfen, Kräne, SPS, LVS mit Schnittstelle zu SAP

2015 - VICTOR REINZ GmbH, Neu-Ulm

Neubau 3-gassiges AKL in Silobauweise. Anbau an bestehendes Paletten-HRL. Schaffung zusätzlicher Lager- und Kommissionierkapazitäten.
  • 3-gassiges AKL in Silobauweise
  • Maße AKL 66 x 9,4 x 19 m (L x B x H)
  • 3 hochdynamische Regalbediengeräte mit Ziehvorrichtung
  • Behälterabmessungen 800 x 600 x 320 mm (L x B x H)
  • 17.000 Behälterstellplätze
  • Ein- und Auslagerleistung 240 Behälter/h
  • 5 über Fördertechnik angebundene WzM-Kommissionierplätze

2013 - Automobilzulieferer, Süddeutschland

Neugestaltung Werkslogistik eines Automobilzulieferers mit 12-gassigem Hochregallager und hochdynamischer EHB. Materialflussautomatisierung mit Anbindung an Produktion, Lackierung und Montage mit höchsten Anforderungen an Dynamik und Sequenzierung.

  • 12-gassiges Hochregallager in Silokonstruktion
  • Maße HRL 77 x 87 x 22 m (L x B x H) ▪ Anbindung HRL mit Bestand über 2-etagige EHB-Brücke
  • Verbindung der Werksbereiche mittels hoch- dynamischer und materialschonender EHB
  • EHB-Anlage mit ca. 2,5 km Strecke, 65 Weichen, 20 Hebern und 146 EHB-Fahrzeugen
  • 12 vollautomatische Regalbediengeräte mit HiLIS_Eco- Powermanagement
  • Ein- und Auslagerleistung 635 LE/Std ▪ Installation der Anlage im laufenden Betrieb
  • Höchste Verfügbarkeits- und Performance- Anforderungen im 24/7 Betrieb
  • HiLIS steuert und verwaltet Lager- und Fördertechnik

Li-Tec Battery GmbH, Kamenz

2011 - Integrated logistics system for the production of Li-ion cells for automotive purposes. Li-Tec is a joint venture of Evonik and Daimler.


  • Conveyor connection to production lines in the drying room

  • Cell handling with 3 robots for moving of customized trays

  • Trays for 6 - 15 cells

  • Tray cleaning system with optical pollution measurement

  • 1-aisle heated tray store with oxygen-reduction system for 2,304 trays

  • Dimensions: approx. 14 x 4 x 6 m 
    (L x W x H)

  • Link-up to automatic charging stations

  • 3-aisle tray warehouse with integrated voltage measuring system and link-up to subsequent production processes, 63,200 trays

  • Dimensions: 43 x 12 x 12 m 
    (L x W x H)

  • Production capacity: 3.000.000 cells per year

  • Hi LIS control and management of conveyor system, warehouse and production processes

  • SAP interface

Hörmann intra Logistics System:


Continental AG, Timisoara/Romania

Production store for tyre rubber composites

2011 - New1-aisle builtin warehouse for buffer supply of production lines, single deep storage of customized steel pallets.

  • 1,236 pallet storage positions 
  • Max. pallet weight: 1,400 kg
  • Overall warehouse dimensions:
    77 x 5 x 23 m (L x W x H)
  • Toothed belt driven double-mast S/R machine
  • RFID data-logger technology
  • Warehouse management system with MS SQL database

Wegmann automotive GmbH & Co. KG, Veitshöchheim

2010 - New production and dispatch warehouse for packed and unpacked finished goods for supply of picking, packing and dispatch areas.

  • 2-aisle inhouse rack store for single- deep and double-deep storage (quad-deep storage of semi-pallets)

  • 3,140 pallet storage positions

  • Overall warehouse dimensions: 
    67 x 12 x 7,8 m (L x W x H)

  • Storage of steel containers for bulk material and Euro/semi-pallets for packed finished goods (balancing weights)

  • Handling of different articles per load carrier

  • Shipment consolidation of multiple picking jobs

  • Hi LIS warehouse management system with direct SAP link-up

MAHLE Filtersysteme Austria GmbH, A-St. Michael

2010 - New 10-aisle rack-supported high-bay warehouse for load carriers in different sizes.

High-bay warehouse as the core of the new groundbreaking "built-to-order" (BTO) concept for multi-supplier storage of large load carriers for different filter types.

  • 10-aisle rack-supported high-bay warehouse

  • Overall dimensions: 117 x 45 x 33 m (L x W x H)

  • 38,700 pallet storage positions

  • 41 different load carrier sizes, in wood, plastic and metal

  • Continuous conveyors in different storage/retrieval levels

  • Hi LIS intelligent warehouse management system with direct link-up to customer SAP

  • High-bay warehouse with direct connection to production and JIT supply of BTO and shipment

Hörmann intra Logistics System:


MAHLE Filtersysteme Austria GmbH, A-St. Michael - 2010

Victor Reinz GmbH, Neu-Ulm

2009 - Automatic pre-zone for connection of 8-aisle warehouse to incoming goods, picking and outgoing goods/dispatch.

  • Transport of Euro pallets, industrial pallets and mesh box pallets

  • Integration of 6 "goods-to-man" picking spots

  • Integrated sorting stations for sequential pallet supply

  • Dimensioned for 300,000 picking positions per year

  • Automatic signal and data exchange between conveyor and narrow aisle stacker

  • Direct SAP link-up

Hörmann intra Logistics System:



Edscha Cabrio-Dachsysteme GmbH, Regensburg

2008 - New car-set warehouse for intermediate storage of body parts for hardtop production.

  • 1-aisle inhouse rack warehouse with 216 storage positions

  • Dimensions: approx. 27 x 5,5 x 10 m (L x W x H)

  • Storage of steel containers of 1,7 x 1,0 x 1,2 m (L x W x H) for freshly painted body parts

  • On-site platform trucks/tugger train connection between warehouse and paint shop

  • Takeover (full load) / handover (empties) of transport containers from warehouse conveyors without any mechanical support; manual pulling over leveled roller conveyors

  • Synchronized disposal of robotic adhesive application system

  • Monitoring of 120 minutes drying time followed by delivery to further processing steps

  • Data handling via transponder device mounted at the container

Hörmann intra Logistics System:


Elring Klinger AG Langenzenn

2007 - Two-aisle rack-supported high-bay warehouse for different load carriers.

  • 2-aisle high-bay warehouse in silo construction

  • Dimensions: 76 x 15 x 22 m 
    (L x W x H)

  •  5,900 pallet storage positions

  • Double-deep pallet rack system

  • Automatic pallet circuit system

  • Modular pallet conveyor system

Hörmann intra Logistics System:

Module: PLC, VISU


Victor Reinz Dichtungs GmbH

2006 - Modernization of 4-aisle high-bay warehouse

Modernization of a fully automatic high-bay warehouse for pallets and pallet cages. Upgrade of S/R machine control system from Siemens S5 to S7. Expansion of conveyor system for improved picking performance.

Victor Reinz Dichtungs GmbH

2005 - Disposal of production area

Supply of new transportation plant for connection of several production lines and machines to the central packing area.
Parts of most different dimensions and weight can be transported on conveyors without any transport containers.


2002 - System design for single tryre transportation

Design of automatic system for transportation of differently sized single car tyres including identification systems for all-over tracking of unlabelled tyres throughout the entire transport.

Volkswagen AG

2002 - Extension of heavy-weight parts warehouse OTC (Original Parts Centre) in Kassel

Extension to the existing automatic heavy-weight warehouse by installing an additional aisle. Modification of bay steel constructions, delivery of S/R machines, innovation and expansion of conveyor and control system, adaption of warehouse management and material flow computers. Installation and commissioning during ongoing operations.

Modine Wackersdorf GmbH

2002 - Just-in-time and just-in-sequence assembly plant for the automotive industry

 Reference movie Modine

Just-in-time and just-in-sequence assembly plant with an output of 900,000 cooling systems per year

  • 3-aisle roll-in buffer with S/R machine wit 2,200 spots for pallet cages
  • Overhead monorail system with 45 carriers for picking of assembly parts
  • "Pick-by-light" picking system
  • 2-aisle sequential buffer for 850 modules
  • RFID state-of-the-art data management and identification
  • SWAT-dependent process control
  • Complete traceability
  • Mobile VISU with tray PC
  • Control of forklift transports by innovative ground transponder
  • Stacker routing systems
  • More than 60 emergency programs ensuring highest plant availability
  • Overall production control

Hi LIS Hörmann intra Logistics System:


Volkswagen AG

2001 - Logistics planning / project management

Planning of logistics facilities of the new spare parts centre II, including link-up to spare parts centre I. Overall project management to final completion and handover to the customer.

Steyr Powertrain

2000 - Plant design for new plant in Ilz

Overall re-design of the plant structure regarding logistics and material flow into assembly; overall project management to final completion and handover to the customer.

Friedrich Fingscheidt GmbH

2000 - New pallet warehouse

1-aisle pallet warehouse incl. 2 x 8 picking stations, coveyor system, control technology, warehouse management system with SAP link-up. Full scope general contractor, including steel construction, engineering and information technologies.

Lear Corporation

2000 - Planning of logistics concept for expansion of production plant

Concept for several locations, object analysis for suitability. Integrated concept for material flow between press shop, paint shop, assembly and dispatch.

Steyr Powertrain

1999 - Turnkey project management

Design of new plant structure regarding logistics and material flow to production supply; overall project management to final completion and handover to the customer.


1999 - Forklift guidance system

18 forklift/handheld terminals and guidance system including order management system for incoming goods, picking, outgoing goods.

Steyr Antriebstechnik

1998 - Re-design of gear assembly

including new methods and procedures.

Victor Reinz Dichtungs GmbH

1998 – Picking plant

Upgrading of existing conveyor system and control system during ongoing operations. Delivery of new racks and container conveyor for new picking line including control system and link-up to existing WMS.

Volkswagen AG

1998 – Coordination computer

Interface switch to SAP, analysis and tests for Y2K-problem.

Steyr Antriebstechnik

1997 - Planning of assembly of MX 11 gear

Planning of structure until fine tuning of gear assembly.

Johnson Controls

1994 - Picking warehouse connected to just-in-time production plant

Just-in-time and just-in-sequence of interior door linings for the automotive industry.

  • Electrical overhead monorail system

  • „Pick-by-light“ picking system

  • S/R machines with emergency program

  • Entry of new orders two hours before dispatch


Hörmann intra Logistics System:


Volkswagen AG

1994 - Radio data system for OTC Kassel

Delivery of 80 handheld terminals, 26 forklift terminals,
4 radio frequencies for retrieval of goods.

Victor Reinz Dichtungs GmbH

1994 - Warehouse re-engineering

Exchange of control systems for S/R machines and conveyors during ongoing operations. Result: 30% increased performance.

Volkswagen AG

1993 - Pallet picking store for OTC Kassel

16 aisles, 40,000 pallet spots,
delivery of warehouse management computer, control for S/R machines and conveyors, mechanical conveyor components.

Volkswagen AG

1993 - Host computer for 5 warehouse areas of OTC Kassel

Delivery of host computer for handling of 
45,000 order positions per day, hard- and software.

Volkswagen AG

1992 – Project management

Full scope of logistics for the new spare parts centre. Budgetary responsibility: 45 million Euro.

Volkswagen AG

1992 - High-bay warehouse

Control system and electrical equipment for 11 S/R machines and conveyors, including warehouse management system, 40 meter high-bay warehouse, wide variety of different pallet types.

Lisa Dräxlmaier GmbH

1992 – Container warehouse

7-aisle container warehouse including mechanical work, warehouse management system and control system.

Lisa Dräxlmeier GmbH

1992 - Components warehouse

Extension of existing components warehouse by 3 more aisles. Exchange of warehouse computer and 6 S/R machines.

Lisa Dräxlmaier GmbH

1991 - Pallet warehouse

General contractor responsible for extension of existing pallet warehouse by 3 more aisles. Exchange of control system for 3 existing S/R machines.

Volkswagen AG

1991 - OEM spare parts center Kassel

Logistics center for worldwide OEM spare parts distribution.

  • Picking of 120,000 items

  • Handling of 45,000 order positions per day

  • 15 pallet types

  • Wide variety of conveyor systems

  • 11-aisle high-bay warehouse

  • 27-aisle pallet picking area

    Hörmann intra Logistics System:


Lisa Dräxlmaier GmbH

1991 - Assembly buffer store

Design and delivery of SPS control for just-in-time warehouse for assembly supply.

Volkswagen / Seat S.A.

1991 - Motor sorting warehouse

General contractor responsible for planning and delivery of the entire sorting warehouse.

Volkswagen / Seat S.A. 

1990 - Motor sorting warehouse

General contractor responsible for planning and delivery of the entire sorting warehouse.