Hi LIS Modular Intralogistics Software and Control

Always up to date: The new HiLIS APP


Since 30 years Hörmann Logistik is realizing innovative high-bay warehouses and storage solutions for small parts including conveyor systems for many different trades and applications. The well-proven warehouse management and control system HiLIS “Hörmann intra Logistics System” guarantees highest transparency and plant availability. The new HiLIS APP comes with a dashboard display and allows for flexible configuration of important plant information to be provided. Additional features support day-to-day plant operation.

Special features

  • interactive customizable dashboard

    • storage jobs in the course of the day
    • retrieval jobs in the course of the day
    • current percentage of finished picking jobs [%]
    • current filling degree rate [%]
    • current availability of plant areas
    • health check
    • percentage of tours released [%]
  • live images (transmitted from cameras installed at the S/R machines)
  • barcode reader
  • statistics (selectable time slots)

    • storage, retrieval
    • loading performance
    • picking performance total / individually
    • availability
    • filling degree
  • push messages (configurable)

    • on/off
    • limits per message adjustable
    • reporting frequency adjustable (h/min)

    Technical base

    • iOS, Android
    • smartphones, tablets
    • operation on customer server